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What to Wear for your Bay Area Family Photo Session

If your fall photos are around the corner, then you're probably starting to pull some ideas of what to wear to your family session. I love custom tailoring wardrobe boards for each client because we get to collaborate on what you want your pictures to look like ahead of time. Laid back, feminine and soft, formal, etc...

I thought I'd make a blog post on some of these looks that I've been putting together for clients lately.

Soft & feminine: This is hands down, my favorite style, and YES! You You can absolutely wear these colors for fall!! I love soft neutrals like pinks, peach, light blues, khaki, chambray, and creams. Places like Forever 21, Anthroplogie, and TJ Maxx Home Goods are excellent places to find these soft colors right now. Chiffon, lace, and muslin all look excellent in photographs. Especially chiffon since it flows and adds a lot of "movement" to your photos.

Formal: I just put this look together for a family who is going all out in formal wear. She sent me a picture from a Carrie Bradshaw inspired look off Pinterest, and then I built the other wardrobes around it. Tulle skirts are so fun! They add a lot of texture in photos and look great in beautiful open fields that we are so lucky to have in the Bay Area! Pictures can look dressier and more formal when you add some extra accessories like floral crowns, hats, and jewelry.

Bold colors: I'm a sucker for neutrals because they are timeless and classic, but there is something really fun when you add pops of bold color! Some of my favorite pops of colors are mustard, plum, or army green. Just don't over do it when it comes to color, or it will be distracting. If you choose bold colors, try to keep patterns to one to two pieces of clothing. For instance, a floral dress would look great next to a more neutral toned sweater for your partner. My absolute FAVORITE way to add pops of color are with Hunter boots. If you have been following me for a while, or if you are a personal friend, you know that I'm obsessed with my girls red boots that they've been wearing since they both could walk. If you decide to invest in them, purchase them a size up so that your kids have room to grow into them. Lucy is still rocking Millie's first pair that she wore to shred. Totally worth every penny!

In the end, pick something that you feel great in! Pick something that is "you" and that you can see hanging on your wall. And feel free to bounce ideas off me! I'm always refining outfits with my clients to tailor it so that it works for them!

If you would like your family photos done by Laura Pope Photography in San Jose or the Bay Area, please email me at laura@laurapopephotography or contact me here!

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