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New Testimonials

You know... I wrote this long drawn out blog about how I started my business and where it all began, but I have to be honest... It's not that interesting! The bottom line is that I have always LOVED what I do, and I am so honored with each session booked. Truly! I don't ever think that I'll get over that feeling of appreciation and gratefulness when someone chooses me to be their photographer in a sea of other wonderful artists. And you know what makes me even more excited? When my clients leave reviews and testimonials about their experience with me. I am so humbled by every word each of you have written. A few of them have even brought a tear to my eye (ok, I know I'm a crybaby, but still!) I think about these reviews each time I walk into a new session and think about what you have said that made your session a success. I ask myself what I can do to make you leave the session saying "That was awesome!" and then again when you get that link to your final gallery. You have all given me such great feedback in your reviews. I can see what you love, and it makes me want to try harder with each and every session to achieve that for all of you. So if you have written a review on Yelp, Facebook, or Google, please know that I've seen them all, and I truly appreciate each and every one.

I wanted to share all of these kind words on my website, which is why I've made an entire page devoted to your reviews and kind words. Thank you so much for helping me able to do this!

San Jose Bay Area Family Photographer reviews

If you are a past client and would like to participate in a survey to help me understand how I can better serve you and future clients, please email me at or contact me here.

If you would like your family photos done in San Jose or the Bay Area by Laura Pope Photography, please contact me!

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