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Moms of The Bae - Portola Valley Mini Session

If you aren't following Moms of The Bae on Instagram, then you're missing out. These ladies aren't just beautiful. They're funny, witty, and most of all, relatable. Their feed is filled with quotes that only a mother can understand, great locations and spots to visit throughout the Bay Area, and just an honest take on motherhood.

So excited to share this session of them and their sweet families. We scheduled mini session to take place at a beautiful spot in Redwood City, but once I arrived, the gates were locked and I had a mini freakout moment trying to think of another nearby location. I texted Kristina (the one wearing the white Anthropologie dress!) and suggested that we head a bit south to Portola Valley. Luckily, everyone went with the flow, and this backup location worked out perfectly. You'd honestly never know that we had a last minute location malfunction, a surprise wedding to navigate at the second location, or that it felt like it was 6 million degrees outside. Everyone was so easy and happy. Even the husbands were willing participants! (Pro tip that I learned from Rachel: bring beer to the mini sessions.)

Not everyone could partake in the booze because Kristina had some big news to announce! Their family is growing by one, AND we got to do the gender reveal with smoke bombs!! Scroll down to see what team they're on!

Group of girlfriends in open field in Portola Valley, Ca
Mom bloggers in Silicon Valley in orchard
Couple kissing under a tree in Los Altos, Ca

^Do you see what I see? Without fail, whenever I ask mom and dad to give each other a kiss, the 2 year old will always want to be part of the photo.

Family holding hands in orchard in San Jose, Ca
Mom bloggers from San Carlos, Ca wearing Anthropologie dress
4 kids sitting in teepee during golden hour session in Portola Valley
Teepee photo session in Palo Alto, Ca
Close up of children sitting in teepee in Palo Alto, Ca
Family photography in orchard in Bay Area
Bay Area Family Photography in San Jose

Smoke bomb gender reveal in Bay Area, Ca
Smoke bomb gender reveal in open field in San Jose
Family photography under a tree at sunset in Silicon Valley
Mom wearing ASOS dress in orchard in San Jose, Ca
Mom kissing baby boy on cheek under a tree in Bay Area
Mom bloggers in Silicon Valley at sunset

Thank you so much for such a wonderful session, Moms of The Bae & Crew!! It was a total blast, and I cannot wait to work with you all again in the future!!

Moms of The Bay // Teepee // Kids props // Kristina's white Anthro dress, similar here // Tribal wall tapestry // Linday's blue ASOS dress //

If you would like a mini session done with Laura Pope Photography in the San Francisco Bay Area, please email me at or contact me here!


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