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5 Posing Techniques for Couples Photos

I'm just going to be super honest right now. After I got my own family pictures done, I realized just how awkward it feels to be on the other side of the camera. For that, I seriously want to thank each and every client that I've had who has been in front of my lens, and applaud you all for being so brave! Having my own family photos done made me realize that I want to be even more educational to my clients when it comes to posing. Now that I know just how intimidating and scary it can feel, I want to lay out some of the poses that I use regularly, and explain them with visuals to give you a better idea going into your session!

Pose 1:

Walking. Sounds simple, right? It is, and it's probably the easiest. Some things to remember (and I'll definitely remind you during our session about this too) are not to look at the camera. Look at each other, look down, try telling your partner a joke if you're feeling silly, or nuzzle into him if you're feeling more serious. If you're feeling like you don't know what to do with one hand, tuck your hair behind your ear or cross it up towards your partner. Another thing to remember is how movement translates in pictures. Again, I'll go over this in more detail at our session, but while you're walking, put one foot in front of the other, creating narrow steps. Take slow steps, even if that feels unnatural. Bonus points if it feels awkward enough to make you both laugh! Here are some great examples of walking poses. Try to hold your connections even when you're walking past me. Some of my favorite shots are taken from behind, so don't break the "pose" even when you've walked by!

Couple holding hands walking in front of Sutro Baths, San Francisco
Couple walking on bluff in San Francisco for maternity pictures
Couple laughing while walking in San Jose, Ca
Family walking in front of rustic barn in San Jose, Ca
Family walking up rolling hills in San Jose towards oak tree

Pose 2:

Stacking: I'm not sure if this is the technical term for this pose, but I like calling it this. ;) In this pose, I'll have your husband wrap his arms around you from behind. This can feel a bit awkward at first because, let's face it. Most of us don't normally stand around like this. But It translates beautifully in photos, so I always love to go for this shot. Things to keep in mind are: lean into each other. Husbands need to lean down into you, while you need to lean back into him. If your husband puts his arms around your neck, we'll make sure to keep them loose so that it doesn't look unnatural or like he's choking you. Lastly, watch your hands (more like, I'll watch them for you!) but holding hands, or softly crossing your arms up looks best!

Husband wrapping hands around wipes belly for maternity pictures in San Jose, Ca
Husband wrapping his arms around his wife at Santa Cruz beach for family photos.
Husband wrapping hands around wipes belly for maternity pictures in San Jose, Ca

Pose 3:

Upclose & Personal. I love this shot because it's so intimate. I'll ask you to lay your face onto your husbands chest and look directly at me with a soft smile.

Wife leaning on husbands chest in Palo Alto for family photographer
Wife leaning on husbands chest in Los Altos, Ca
Wife leaning on husbands chest at Wente Winery in Livermore, Ca

Pose 4:

Use your hands. Hands can be so soft in photos, and really add an intimate element. Check out how using hands here just are just beautiful. Things to keep in mind: try to relax your hands. If they're feeling stiff, shake them out, and try again.

Wife cupping husbands face while kissing his forehead in San Jose, ca
Husband holding wife hand in Los Altos, Ca
Husband cupping wife face in San Jose, Ca

Pose 5:

Kiss, smile, then release. Ever wonder how they get those Pinterest worthy images where they look like they're kissing, but not quite?I used to call this pose "almost kissing", but that I've found other ways to describe this pose that convey it better. It works like this: Give each other a kiss, but before you release from the pose, smile at each other while you're still really close, then release. This is my favorite pose, and it's a MUST for every session. I'll even pull mom and dad away from family sessions to do this pose, and I just love it so much, and so will you!

Couple smiling at each other in Los Altos, Ca
Couple kissing in Palo Alto, Ca
Couple smiling at each other in San Jose, Ca

And that's a wrap! There are so many more poses that we'll do, but these are my 5 core ones that I include at almost every session. The best advice that I can give is that I totally understand how it can feel awkward being in front of the camera, but I promise to direct you into flattering and natural looking poses so we can get the best images. When you show up for your session, be ready to have fun, laugh from feeling a little silly for some of these, and just be you!

If you would like your maternity, family, or couple photos done by Laura Pope Photography in San Jose or the surrounding Bay Area, please email me at


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