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Welcome to the World, Nicola! San Jose Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Driving up to the Amirkhas home was a bit nostalgic because just a couple of years ago, I was doing Libby's newborn session. And here I was today, driving up to their brand new home to welcome baby brother, Nicola to the gang! When I got there, Temple and Libby greeted me with the happiest faces, ready to assist me with their own cameras in hand. While Grace got Nicola ready, I got to play with the girls who were over the moon to show me anything and everything in their room. I just adore lifestyle newborn sessions for this reason. There's a big story in the simple moments at home, and I love being able to take part and document that story for you!

The girls got to play outside for a bit while I spent some time with Nicola who was just a dream come true the entire time. He was content and bright eyed when he was awake and also fell into that deep newborn sleep and didn't even mind when I kept wrapping and unwrapping him to get that sweet stretch shot. Even when his sisters were being noisy, he didn't seem to mind. He must be used to being the 3rd baby already!!

If you would like a lifestyle newborn session done by Laura Pope Photography in San Jose or the surrounding Bay Area, please email me at

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