The big move! San Francisco to Fairfax Virginia Family Photographer

We did it! We made our big move from the West Coast to the East Coast! We're finally here, and all settled in and in-between holiday festivities and unpacking boxes, I've been able to slowly edit the pictures from our move. I planned to document the trip with a lot of detail, but as it turns out, we were pretty much confined to our car for 5 straight days!

Our stops were South Jordan, Utah to see some sweet friends (I can't believe I didn't get a picture of all of us together!), Denver, Colorado, Kansas City, Missouri, and finally our destination, Fairfax, Virginia!

But first, Ocean Beach, San Francisco to say goodbye to the Pacific. Outside of family, I am going to miss living so close to the beach the most.

Of course San Francisco would send us off with cotton candy skies for us to remember it by....

It's still hard to believe that we packed up our entire lives and squeezed it into this 16 foot Pod. And by squeeze, I mean... SQUEEZED. You couldn't fit a toothpick in there after we were done packing!

Our first stop was Grandma & PopPop's house in San Jose. It was nice to leave our house a week early, and spend our last week in California hitting up all of our favorite spots. Double bonus? Date night for Mommy & Daddy after the girls bed time with built in sitters! Thank you Grandma!! ;)

We got to go to Uncle Chris & Aunt Stephanie's house to visit their horses. They even got to ride Cinder which pretty much made Millie's life!

We even got a full tour of the property! We got to see these sweet cows. Better than the Jungle Cruise ride, in my opinion!

We left for our big trip on Halloween night after trick or treating. We figured we'd drive over night to Utah and arrive super early in the morning. It didn't go off as smoothly as we had hoped. We ran into a snow storm in Truckee and had to buy chains for our car. $90 later, we were able to get through the snow and we got into South Jordan around 10am. Evan and I took turns driving throughout the night. The best part was arriving at the salt flats at sunrise. It was so beautiful!! Oh, but first.. our last stop in California is our favorite donut shop ever. We miss you already, Maple Leaf Donuts!

The salt flats at sunrise.

Poor Rudie was squished in the way back with all of our luggage and over flow that we had to take with us.

Unfortunately, I was sheerly exhausted when we got to Utah. Luckily our friends understood and let us crash at 5pm! It was so good to visit with them for the day and hang out in their gorgeous house!! Thank you again, Seger family for being such gracious hosts to us!

We left at 4am and headed for Denver, Co!

We got into Denver around 2pm or so and checked into our gorgeous hotel. We hung out in our room for a bit before heading out to explore and find dinner. We wound up near the convention center and then headed back to the hotel for room service.

I have to say that the girls did SO good on the rides. Leaving at 4am every day helped because they fell back to sleep as soon as we got on the road and seemed to sleep until 8am or longer since the sun didn't rise until around that time. I did pack a ton of stuff for them to do, including party horns.. because... well, it worked when we were somewhere between Denver and Kansas City.

We have some friends that used to live in Kansas City and they pointed us in the direction of Joe's, which did not disappoint! It was amazing bbq, and the perfect spot to get out and stretch our legs and enjoy yummy food. After dinner, we were trying to find a playground for the girls. While trying to use Evan's phone to find the directions to the park, he accidentally threw it out of the window. Luckily we were at a stop light, and miraculously it didn't break... It was one of those things that was so ridiculous, that we just had to laugh. We found the perfect park and enjoyed the warm evening. It was perfect!

Another awesome recommendation was Roasterie. Hello delicious Americano and hot chocolate for the girls! (Thanks, Kaleena for the awesome recommendations!)

On our way to Louisville!!

We didn't get out of the car, but we did see the Gateway Arch in St. Louis!